Apple Safari is fast

MacWorld Hangover

lights Spent a good portion of the day at MacWorld… saw the keynote… lots of interesting news regarding this elsewhere. You know where to look.

Random_very_tired thoughts mixed in with PRETTY CRAPPY PHOTOGS:

– Safari is fast. I’ve used it for most of the second half of the day and visting my regular suit of sites. Noticably faster than IE and Chimera.

– I was shocked Safari wasn’t based on Gecko/Mozilla. I’d never heard of KHTML/KDE.

– Really, Safari is fast.

– Pop-up blocking is cool, but mostly irrelevant. Overlay ads are becoming much more prevolent these days and harded to block. (Turn off Flash? All plug-ins?)

– Airport Extreme is slick. Bridging airport base stations is slicker.

– Pseudo-quote by Steve Jobs, “Bookmarks are hard” — obviously, an avid Rands in Repose reader.

safari – I’m missing a good view source command in Safari more than I missing tabbed browsing.

– Jobs sure likes showing off those themes.

– Ken Burns effects?

– Given the variety of pricing schemes Apple could have done with the iApps, the iLife bundle was just a great compromise. Keep what’s free, free… charge for the bundle. Sweet.

– Nobody, I repeat, nobody thought they were updating the Powerbooks. Now that is serious secrecy.

– I can figure out how to pay for iLife, I can’t figure out how to pay for a AIBook.

11 Responses

  1. Whore yourself out for a few months to some elderly, lonely women and you’ll have your $3300, I’m sure. Is it worth it? Hmmm… Sex for sexy hardware. You decide… 🙂

  2. Rands, re: OS-independent storage in a previous entry (guessing you may not read back!):

    Both XP and OSX do SMB/CIFS just dandily. Windows file sharing will do the serving on XP, and Samba will do the serving on OSX.

    You can also do WebDAV, which has seamless support on both platforms! As far as serving it, Apache can do the job (un-easy). Your good ol’ iDisk uses WebDAV. In Windows adding a DAV share can be done by adding a “my network place.” Etc.

  3. rands 22 years ago

    I’m six months into an 800Mhz TiBook, so I’m no where near being able to justify a AIbook, but I can still be annoyed by:

    a) Sitting next to a iBook owner who is getting fine WiFi will I’m in the dead zone

    b) Staring at the paint chips on the front left corner of my box courtesy of my watch.

    Good, I feel better now….

  4. lowmagnet 22 years ago

    I’m still drooling over the Alunminum 12″ powerbook. I know it’s just a dressed-up iBook with a faster core and motherboard, but it is a lot more attainable than the 15- or 17-incher.


  6. Those titanium powerbooks don’t stay shiny for long. Asides from the various scrapes, dings, and crumbling titanium shell, the LCD has the moderately strange trait of actually pressing down on the keyboard, transferring a neat layer of finger-grease directly onto the viewing surface of the monitor.

    I remain curious on the single-charge DVD viewing potential of the Aibook. Does it have the same battery as the usual Tibooks?

  7. AmishDoom 22 years ago

    Ok, I’m going to finally break down and start dealing drugs so I can get an Aibook. My question is, would crack or coke be faster?

  8. JayBees 22 years ago

    Hey, what happened to the post about a Jerkcity book that was up for a few hours?

  9. Harry: For the amount I open and close my powerbook, the difficulty of putting that thingie on, and the fact that it costs thirty dollars (plus shipping) to preserve something that is already ‘ruined’, no thanks.

  10. Yes, the new Powerbooks are damn sexy. I *might* be able to afford the 12″ one, but do I need to be paying even that much for a laptop just to type notes in class? Honestly, with the Mac Office crap installed and FireWire networking with my home PC, I’d have anything necessary to be productive (at this point) on either machine. I’m sure with some sneaky WiFi on campus I could get on the ‘net and do my AIM thing, but would I be able to fire up some FPS and play online when an instructor is irritating me?