Democratic Typography

By my count, we’ve got 14 candidates for the Democratic nomination in the United States. There will be more.1 This morning I went to all the websites of each of the candidate and grabbed their primary logo. Fascinating to see the different moods conveyed by the different marks. Forgetting about the candidates, I find the… More

Two Universes

You wake up in a small, enclosed glass cube. There’s a bed, a toilet, a radio playing music, and other bare essentials, but no door. You have no idea why you are here or what’s going on. After a few minutes of looking around your tiny space, a calm yet creepy electronic voice begins speaking.… More


In the late 80s, the parents had friends from New York for a visit. They were my first serious, memorable exposure to East Coast folks and I loved ’em. High energy, fast talking folks who weren’t quite sure what to make of the Santa Cruz Mountains. When they left, several copies of Andy Warhol’s Interview… More