Post-Game SXSW2007

This is my second SXSW which apparently makes me a veteran because I get quoted saying things like this: It’s true. The best part of SXSW is the networking which goes on outside of the panels. SXSW is a concentrated pool of people who share your same interests which means if you randomly choose to… More

SXSW 2007

I’m searching my articles from last year regarding SXSW and I can’t find any documentation of one of the major discoveries. SXSW is the only conference I know where designers and developers hang out. Designers have design conferences. Developers have nerd conferences. SXSW has somehow convinced both parties to head to Austin and actually talk… More

SXSW: Best of Show

Top 3 Themes Discussed at Bars: It only takes a few people to create a legitimate business. Craigslist is 19 people. 37Signals is somewhere around 5… maybe 6? These are the name brand companies who are leading the charge… so what the hell is SixApart doing with 100+ folks and 23 million? Should I take… More

SXSW: The Experiment

The panel: “Does your blog have a business?” The panelists: DL Byron, Texturedesign (Moderator) Phoebe Espiritu, SimplifierLab Eric Rice, Audioblog Shaun Inman, Haveamint Jeffrey Zeldman, Happy Cog Monday, 10am panel here which means you can still smell booze in the air. Panelists are sober. The panelists are a collection of marquee bloggers who are actually… More

SXSW: Half Time

Halfway through any trip, it’s time to go home. Vegas, Europe, or SXSW… after two solid days of different, I’m ready to get the hell out. This is not a rational state of mind, it’s a subconscious self preservation mental switch that you brain flips after 48 hours of totally new content. Your brain is… More

SXSW: Prelude

The Internet killed the last major conference I attended. Each November, eager young nerds would travel to Vegas for Comdex to hear the latest and greatest from the then-bigger hitters. My personal embarassing high point was watching Bill Gates demonstrate the WYSIWYG version of Microsoft Word that, wait for it, did columns. THEY GET IT!… More