Screwed by Sith?

When Return of the Jedi hit the theaters, I saw it on the first night. The theatre was, of course, packed. It was the first time I ever saw fans dress-up in costume for a movie. There was a Boba Fett, a Darth Vader, and a Princess Leia. I thought they were nuts. When the… More

The Donut Book

I’m not manic about keeping crap. During the last survey of the garage, I counted five medium sized brown boxes which I knew contained report cards, year books, a painfully out-of-date set of Dungeon and Dragon books, and a collection on comic books I plan, at some future date, to impressively hand over to my… More

Celebrity Survivor

E! Online is reporting that CBS is going to do an All-Star Survivor with contestants from previous shows. The quote below includes folks who actually won… so the question is, would a jury ever vote for someone who already won the million? SNAKES AND RATS: CBS announcing an all-star edition of Survivor for its eighth… More


More 9/11 collateral damage. The first time I see the news regarding the shooting at LAX, I quickly scan to article to see how many people were killed. When I discover that only three people were killed and one of them was the shooter, I think, “Well, hey, that’s not so bad.” Update (7/5/2002 @… More