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Your Favorite SpongeBob

Hands down. No question. Rock Bottom. I know nothing about SpongeBob history, but there are clearly, at least, two drawing styles. The early style has less vibrant colors and pays more attention to drawing detail… also voices are clearly not well defined yet and the creators are still trying stuff out. The latter style looks like a cartoon. I dig the early style.

Rock Bottom is creepy. It’s also terribly simple with a majority of comedy taking place at a bus stop. It’s gotta be difficult to milk a bus stop for that much funny.

5 Responses

  1. Eli Sarver 20 years ago

    What pbbt a strange pbbt accent you pbbt have.

    Having a four-year-old brother has its advantages. I also liked Squid on Strike, mainly for SpongeBob’s tirades against management, and the ‘Eh Squidward?’ schtick.


  2. Lloyd 20 years ago

    I got gloves for my glove action figure!

    The scene on the bus at the beginning has me rolling every time I see it.

    I am also a Spongebob addict.

  3. Nicholas 20 years ago

    For me, the best Spongebob episode is Frankendoodle. While Rock Bottom has the creepy ambiance and just plain surreal feel to it, Frankendoodle is just plain fun. The stand-out moment is right after Spongebob erases the doodle, lifts the “magic pencil” above his head, and bellows, “I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIIIIIIILLL!” Cracks me up every time.

    And who can forget Doodlebob’s “last words”?

    (“Could you repeat that?” “Nyengh-nugh-huh, habba-babba-babba.”)

  4. SPONGE BOB RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael 20 years ago

    My fave SB episode is “Life Of Crime”. It is the fastest pace episode in the series to date. It moves from one pun to then next gag, to another joke, and on to a schtick, ending with the obsurd conclusion, followed by the kick-in-the-pants afterthought. Gag after gag after gag after side-splitting gag. It’s great!