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You’re Probably Underestimating What You Can Do With Your iPhone Home Screen

I wrote this short piece on the current state of apps on my iPhone. People started sharing their home screens and I was blown away. The full list can be seen here. Here are a few that I ❤️.

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9 Responses

  1. Brian 6 years ago

    Fascinating how many people arrange their apps by icon color. And leaving the home screen icon-less is a cool if inefficient approach (though I suspect the inefficiency is intentional).

  2. Shaun 6 years ago

    All these beautiful options, and yet one still can’t add a Progressive Web App (PWA) to one’s homescreen. Very frustrating.

  3. Check out these amazing, creative iPhone home screens | APPLE RSS linked to this.
  4. Leif Harrison 6 years ago

    Wait, what? How do you have empty space at the top without iOS automatically moving the icons up?

  5. droid 6 years ago

    this is essentially a gallery of homescreen wallpapers… not to confuse with productive homescreen widgets and arrangements like on android.
    see e.g.