Surf Time to recharge

Shark or Dolphin?

I’m on vacation for a bit. Somewhere warmer than this and with less sharks.


Back in a week… Back. No dolphins, but lots of turtles. Oh yeah, no sharks, either.

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  1. That’s one long skinny dolphin. Probably the kind with lots of sharp pointy teeth too. I can’t remember the exact species name… Something like “shar…” I think.

  2. Jeffrey J. Hoover 19 years ago

    Definitely a Dolphin

  3. Andrei 19 years ago

    I hate dolphins. I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean once and a pod of dolphins brutally gangbanged me. It was awful.

  4. jesse 19 years ago

    omg its a shark

  5. Jerkass 19 years ago

    What’s with today’s Jerkcity? Some new format including the transcript, or just the fact that “Net” actually did say all that stuff?


  6. rape_machine 19 years ago


  7. Spacelegoman 19 years ago

    Can’t say I like the addition of the jerktext actually… its presence sort of undermines the visual expressions of the characters. There are specific times when, for example, Spigot’s “pleased smile” look or Pants’ “howl of anguish” look are integral to my enjoyment of the panel – having the text there pulls you out of the strip.

  8. Phil Boardman 19 years ago

    If it’s a shark it’ll have a vertical tail fin, if it’s dolphin it will have a horizontal tail fin. It looks like a dolphin to me.

  9. melissa 18 years ago

    it’s definately a shark it’s dorsal fin is pointed at the tip which is common amongst sharks, also if you look at it’s face it’s head is flat where as with dolphins it’s more rounded. It is obviously a shark. look at other pictures and you’ll see the resemblance!! sharks are known to migrate to warmer waters hence why the shark is in the surf, he is looking for food duh! j/p… but yes it is a shark so be careful out there!!!

  10. holy freakin crap if thats a shark your dead even if its a dolphin id still be scared dolphins a freaky too my aunts friend was swimmin with them on a little trip thang and it slapped her with its tail and nearly killed her!!!

  11. reagan 18 years ago

    omg that sooo looks like a shark to me cuz you can tell by the nose that nose aint long like a dolphins!!!!

  12. Frank 18 years ago

    In this photo it is hard to tell being that the water can deceive the human eye in many ways. Ive studied and fished for sharks for a while now and I can tell it might be a dolphin by the curvature on the rear part of the dorsal fin. There is also no second dorsal fin which would occur near the tail on the top of most large shark speicies. This just looks like a large bottle nose dolphin.

  13. mariah mondragon 17 years ago

    oh my gosh! I hate sharks and i am so afraid of them1 I doen’t even like to see them on pictures!

  14. mariah 17 years ago

    I say it’s a shark. The shape of it looks more like a sshark but it’s hard to tell. Things in water are very hard to see.

  15. mariah 17 years ago

    I say it’s a dolphin because it doesen’t look like it has a big mouth like sharks do. It looks like a skiny nose with the flipper kinda beside it. But it’s hard to tell. It is very hard to see things under the water.

  16. Thoglette 17 years ago


    It’s now, oh, 4 years after the fact and we’ve still got users weighing in with “I’m an expert and it’s a…” despite the original photographer’s testimony and followup photos being linked to at the top of the article.



    ps – used this image for their “Change” demotivator.

  17. colinb44 17 years ago

    dolphin..look at the dorsal fin