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Rands Version 4

Ok, last post on the redesign and then I’ll start writing about the Zen of Terminal windows.

Four categories of notes: Disasters, Tools, Hmmmm, and Shout Outs. Let’s start with:


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  1. I really like the idea of a community of some sort. Whether that be a whole ‘nother side and/or a BBS… I am so on board.

  2. Community: You need to devise a fancy comment relation system like Dunstan’s, but that presents itself as flowchart you can scroll like GMaps using lots of AJAX and other run-on sentences.

    CSS: Isn’t it awesome? I couldn’t believe how fast I chucked my tables… Now it’s time for a redesign with a little more taste. Hello May 1 Reboot!

    (you were early)

  3. I am working on a web-based documentation tool that is going to have that sort of flowchart style with scrolling. I started work on an Expose-like feature to smoothly scale boxes of information as you moved further out in the tree. So far that part has been a miserable failure.

    In my case, there’s going to be a lot of cross-linking between documents, so it makes a bit more sense to use that approach. For a comment/conversation type thing, I’m not sure it would be that useful unless you’re specifically going to cross-reference conversations.

  4. The issue of handling multi-threaded complex conversations in weblog comments is quite elegantly tackled by Dunstan at . It’s a trick I’ve thought about implimenting in my own blog whenever I redesign. Of course, my implimentation would be nowhere near as elegant.

  5. rev_matt_y 19 years ago

    The web app I base my blog tool on has a nice built in comments system (well, it would be nice if it worked in a consistent manner and provided a management interface). Comments are threaded under the original blog entry a la usenet. I’d like to see a better implementation of the idea.