Surf Holiday Waves

Happy Merry Jolly

Storm just blew through. Some stellar force of nature @ Sunny Cove & Secrets. Santa Cruz. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas or whatever floats your holiday boat.

Big Waves

And a big version.

4 Responses

  1. Steve Ivy 19 years ago

    Rands, do you have a version of this that might be suitable (resolution-wise) for a desktop image?

  2. Phil C. in FL 19 years ago

    Nice pic, Rands! Keep them coming. I’ve always liked your landscapes. (Have you considered photoblogging??) Keep up the great work at Jerkcity as well! Merry Christmas HUAGLAUGHLAUGHLAUGHALGUAHUA

  3. peeing_man 19 years ago

    T Rands, I read jerkcity on livejournal and I’ve often wondered- Is there room for livejournal in the jerkcity universe?

  4. happy new year and such