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A Fungus Among Us

Storms still ripping through NorCal. The forest below the house is wet, wet, wet and that means mushrooms. This particular growth in in the base of semi-dead oak. One of those yellow things is a big as your hand. It’s big. And freaky.

Freaky Shrooms

And a big version.

2 Responses

  1. Kate M. 18 years ago

    Yes, but is it tasty?

  2. Klaatu 18 years ago


    On one hand, my relatives in No’Cal are eyeing the Russian River with trepidation, but on the other hand, a wet mountainside is better than a mountainside with dried out tinder from a drought. I have lived through a Summer of “terra del fuego” and I you never want that, ever.

    Happy 3 keys!