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  1. HiFoo 20 years ago

    How big is it?

  2. rands 20 years ago

    It’s the 23″ and it’s dazzling.

  3. Jebus but typekey is a pain in the ass.

    And I’ve forgotten what I was going to say, dammit. But since I jumped through the frickin’ hoops I’m damned if I’m not posting SOMETHING.

  4. Josh Zhixel 20 years ago

    Oh, you bastard.

  5. Oh… I’m going to have to clean my keyboard now.

  6. anescient 20 years ago

    Ha ha. I’m drinl. Drunk. Goddamnit.

    And I look like Ian McConville.

    Totally typed his whole name correctly.

  7. MacDude 20 years ago

    Ultra Cool. So that’s a 17′ next to it, right?

    I’ve got a 22″ at home, but my wife has taken over that machine. I onlyget to use a 17″ display at work witha 12″ PB.

    Color me green.

  8. Now that you’ve had it a while, do you think it’s worth the extra cash to get a huge screen, rather than, say, 3 17″s? (Not sure you can do 3-head on a Mac easily?).