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The Spot 2

There are a couple of early websites that are just burned into my memory. So much so that I often go to the Internet Archives to see the ancient versions of the sites in their original GOOD LORD WE NEED CSS SOON glory. It’s the same feeling I get when I return to my high school or junior high and go check out my locker and reminiscence, “Boy, I used to really care about this tiny steel box.”

The list is short: Silicon Graphics, Mosaic Communications… maybe Pointcast. Oh yeah, and The Spot. The first web-episodic soap opera… which has apparently been relaunched.


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  1. ignatz 20 years ago

    Ah Pointcast! I was working for an educational software company that fell in love with Pointcast to the extent that they did a deal to produce Educast, which would narrowcast Pointcast to the teacher caste. Around the same time I was ordered to figure out what was so hot about Marimba, and to come up with a “push media strategy”. I think Marimba basically does a boutique Windows Update product now.

    All hail the new flesh!