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Great UI Before Vegas

T-minus one day until Vegas and I’ve got some great UI for you:

First up, Baby NameVoyager. Yes, it’s a baby name site, but some has put serious effort into a stunningly useful application. Go ahead and fire it up and start typing names… slowly… watch what happens… yeah, real time graphical updates based on whatever you’ve typed so far. Wow. Edward Tufte will be proud.

Second up, Panic’s t-shirt store. Yeah, it’s a web page, but go ahead and drag any shirt to the bottom of the page. Ok, cool, yeah, I get it… now… drag that shirt OUT of the bottom. Did you see that? Yes, you did.

Lastly, it’s official. Google can UI.

2 Responses

  1. Aqute Research 19 years ago

    Cool interfaces

    Definitely worth a look. If nothing else, these sites made me think it’s been a long time since I saw a website with an innovative (and user-friendly) interface. And can I take this opportunity (because there aren’t many) to say,

  2. Andreas F. Bobak 19 years ago

    Google Maps is nice, but have a look at — in addition to dragging the map one can also zoom in real-time.