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Ten Reasons to Play Destiny

  1. Destiny. You’ve got some time on your hands right now. It’s the holiday season. You’ve got free time. Take a call.
  2. There’s quite a bit of content. Destiny has been around for almost ten years. A lot is going on in that world, but more importantly, they’ve had a lot of time to make the game good.
  3. The game is best played with others. You can solo yolo Destiny, but I believe it’s best experienced with others. You might want a game that allows you to check out and ignore the real world, and you can do that in Destiny, but the depth comes when you start totally with others, “What the hell is going on here?” There’s a Slack. Send me an email and join us.
  4. The best games make you feel like a superhero. What about… three superheroes? Three different classes give you three very different superhero vibes. I currently enjoy punching things with my Titan. Plus, there is space magic.
  5. Is lore your thing? There’s a big story. You want player versus player? They got that. You want complex six-person raid mechanics? Lots. Want to turn off the dialog, ignore the story, and just shoot aliens? That’s my jam. It could be yours. There are infinite rabbit holes to explore in Destiny.
  6. The music is pretty damned good.
  7. I am told that the game is very friendly to the new folks. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Bungie, Destiny’s developer just had a rough year. Why not support developers who — for ten years — have been attempting to bring video game joy to the world? Also, space magic.
  9. You can turn off the dialog and ignore the story. It’s ok. I won’t judge.
  10. It’s just about to be over. Ok. Not really.

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4 Responses

  1. ok, sold. so should I start with Destiny 1 or Destiny 2?

  2. When you write Destiny, do you mean Destiny or Destiny 2? I do nit know which is the one to currently play.