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17″ PowerBook Backlash

There has been a small buzz anti-buzz building against the 17″ with the folks I hang out with they’re commenting on the fact that “it’s WAY too big?”, “the 15″ inch is the sweet spot”, or “it’s going to bend’n’twist”.

Every single one of these people are a) full of crap, b) totally wrong, and c) secretly in love with the hardware.

While it may not merit a holy shit moment, you simply MUST put the 17″ in your lap and try it to have any sort of opinion. At a slow moment at MacWorld, I had a solid 10 mintes with the machine and I’m happy to report that it’s pure sex.

First, the case is solid. More solid then my 800Mhz TiBook. Second, as has been reported, the hinge is similar to the iBook, but you won’t fully know this until you open one up yourself. Third, they’ve updated the texture of both the keyboard and trackpad. It’s got a pleasant light graininess to it. Fourth, the huge amount of space is not distraction like the sea of pixels you have on the Cinema screens? it’s pleasantly large. Fifth, they’ve pulled off a great optical illusion by beveling the corners of the machine, it gives the impression that it’s thicker than the current TiBook, but it’s exactly the same thickness.


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  1. freiheit 21 years ago

    The 17″ laptop is too big to be a laptop you carry with you everywhere. Heck, the 15″ is a little too large for that, too. But it’s a great way to get a desktop machine that you can carry between home and work, etc. Or that you can readily move from the desk to the couch…

    I think the 12″ is much more of a “sweet spot”. I’m gonna have to upgrade from my iBook to a 12″ powerbook a little while after somebody gets Linux ported over to it.

  2. I touched one. I have my awesome pictures of ports to prove it.

    I think it’s too wide for me. I don’t think it’s as huge as people think but it’s still quite wide or at least felt that way. It does feel very sturdy, though. Sturdier than the 15″. And it’s no secret that I am sexually attracted to it.

    I didn’t like the keyboard. Maybe because it’s new but it felt more like a Compaq than a PowerBook. Maybe it’s one of those things that doesn’t feel quite right at first but eventually becomes the savior and ladidadada.

  3. yojauta 21 years ago


  4. rands 21 years ago

    No no no no no and no. The 17″ is just fine for carrying around — it’s not heavy and it fits beautifully in your lap or desk. This is EXACTLY the same thing I’m hearing from all the folks who have not yet really touched one and I mean TOUCHED, I don’t mean “I walked around MacWorld and stood near one”.

  5. Now you can burn your penis AND testicles.

    Thank you Steve Jobs for ensuring the sterility of Mac users.

  6. mobbrobb 21 years ago

    Jealousy I see. I ordered one. My only complaint is the wait.

  7. the 17″ powerbook is NOT too big to take anywhere!

    I have three old notebook cases that ive used for a dell inspiron 5000 and my Ti. My new 17″ fits into all 3.

    -jansport pack with a hidden notebook pocket,

    -samsonite notebook case

    -zero-halliburton z5

    I mean come on, what is another 2 pounds???

    i’ve gone on 30 mile hikes in the desert where even one sock too many will kill you. But come on, are you really going to feel the extra 2 pounds from your front door to the car? Or from the car to the airport terminal? Or from your seat at the gate to the seat in the plane? Or from your parking spot to your office??!!??