The One Rule

When it comes to working at your computer, there is only one rule: context switches are horrifically expensive. Let’s talk about the Zone once more. You’re either sitting down with your computer to futz around with something or you’re attempting to get in the Zone. This is that magical place where you’ve managed to fit… More

Apple Los Gatos

It is both professionally and personally satisfying to randomly discover that an Apple store is being opened in your home town. This store is 2 doors down from the coffee shop where I’m written most of the significant letters in my life. It is also 25 doors down from the dive bar which serves the… More

Menu Extra Gallery

Around the release of Internet Explorer 4, Microsoft released a new TrueType symbol font called Webdings. The font is collection of symbols, icons, and pictograms and I’ve been using the fonts, even in Mac OS X land, for various tasks for years. Let me get this out of the way right now, I love glyphs.… More

iTrip Report

I was in the Apple Store today and just needed some retail therapy. I’ve been on a hardware kick for the past three months acquiring a 30GB iPod, a massive flat panel for home, and, now, and 15″ Powerbook. It’s been quite a run. Problem is, now when I walk into the store, my cash… More