Apple Video conferencing everywhere

iSightables and More

The release of the iChat beta which provides integration with the Windows AIM client has changed the look of my buddy list. I’ve gone from an average of five to ten folks with video conferencing ability to twenty to thirty. At this very moment on a Saturday evening, there are nine folks with available camera and seven with voice conferencing ability. Slick.

In related news, if you are sporting the iSight, please please please, install the iSight update (not iChat update) which should be available in Software Update. It is a night and day difference in terms of video quality. I went from looking like I was under-the-sea to great color balance in limited light.

Lastly, from the God-is-in-the-details department, check out the wheel scroll on the newest Microsoft Intellimice when you get a chance. I’ve got the wireless one which is also bitchin’, but it’s the feel of the wheel button that just amazes me. They’ve selected a smooth as silk glide-feel for the wheel mouse and it’s a solid fit for what I use it for, scrolling on web pages.

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  1. chris 20 years ago

    I recently purchased one of those mice, a wirless one, and the scroll wheel is great. Goes side-to-side too! rarely use it, but it’s there. the battery doesn’t wear down very quickly if you use NiMH rechargeables…