iTrip Report

I was in the Apple Store today and just needed some retail therapy. I’ve been on a hardware kick for the past three months acquiring a 30GB iPod, a massive flat panel for home, and, now, and 15″ Powerbook. It’s been quite a run. Problem is, now when I walk into the store, my cash… More

Apple Music Service

CNet is reporting that Apple is scheduling a music event for April 28th where the company may debut a new online music service. Briefly. #1) I really want to pay for music. Honest. I really do. #2) File sharing has been a delightful disruptive technology that has torpedoed the music industry. I like torpedoes because… More

Mac OS X Tweakin’

The planets are in alignment today and all managers are either on vacation or otherwise busy. My calendar is blissfully devoid of meetings and I’ve moved from my HIGH PRIORITY to do list onto my MEDIUM PRIORITY list which gets touched, maybe, once or twice a month. So far today, I’ve… Tinkered with Python Installed… More

Apple to buy Universal

I’m likely to the last person to comment on this, but the rumor that Apple purchasing Universal has been bugging me all flippin’ day. While I’m very enthuasiastic about a potential Apple music service that makes sense (reasonably priced, easy to use), I do not see the logic behind buying a large music company (loaded… More

MacWorld Hangover

Spent a good portion of the day at MacWorld… saw the keynote… lots of interesting news regarding this elsewhere. You know where to look. Random_very_tired thoughts mixed in with PRETTY CRAPPY PHOTOGS: – Safari is fast. I’ve used it for most of the second half of the day and visting my regular suit of sites.… More