Apple That's Spanish for 'The Cats'

Apple Los Gatos

It is both professionally and personally satisfying to randomly discover that an Apple store is being opened in your home town.

apple los gatos

This store is 2 doors down from the coffee shop where I’m written most of the significant letters in my life. It is also 25 doors down from the dive bar which serves the world’s best Kamikazes… in a pint glass.

There is absolutely no way to take a shot of this facade without that flippin’ tree, lamp post, and garbage can. Also, it is unclear where they’ll be placing 32 foot glass cube, but my vote is to raze the nearby Petroglyphs.

5 Responses

  1. Charles Stearns 17 years ago

    Well crap. How am I supposed to resist getting a new Mac. Guess I need to change my route when getting sushi for lunch.

  2. Eric Christopher 17 years ago

    Hunh, fast work on getting some of it there – I was just walking around there last week. Glad to know they’ve got _something_ for that area though. It was starting to look barren…

  3. mdekkers 17 years ago

    Suspiciously, it seems Rands only posts new stories on WoW patch day…… hmmmmm

  4. Jeffrey J. Hoover 17 years ago

    Yep, saw it this mornign on my way through. Woot. It will be the closest store to Santa Cruz

  5. i knew without clicking that the pint-glass kamizakes == Black Watch. Aww yeah.