2013 in Rands (Briefly)

I’ve got more to say about the New Year, but let’s start with data around the year in Rands.

The top 5 articles published in 2013 by traffic:

  1. The Process Myth
  2. Regular Audio Human
  3. Full of Interesting Strangers
  4. Entropy Crushers
  5. Titles are Toxic

All of these articles fall under the “decent amount of work” category so it’s satisfying that they generated good traffic.

Article count by category for long form pieces:

  1. Tech Life 8
  2. Management 6
  3. Tools 2
  4. Apple 2
  5. Writing 1 / Rands 1

So, yeah, I write about nerd stuff and leadership. Not a ton of news there. There is more to be said about writing, but I feel I’ve said in prior years.

Other interesting facts:

  • The #1 article in 2013 based on traffic was The Nerd Handbook which was written in 2007. Bored People Quit was also in the top 10 and that was written in 2011.
  • Since the redesign two months ago, traffic has almost doubled. I’d like say this due to the design, but I have been posting more long form and excerpt pieces which confirms the rule: post more = more traffic.
  • Since the redesign, pages per visit are up 17%, visit duration is up 30%, and new visits are up 5%. So, more people are finding this place, they’re reading more, and staying longer. Welcome.