Sunday afternoon hacking on Mac OS X. A mailing list showed me some nifty Perl which listed appreviations for states… pointing at the directory /usr/share/misc. Now, I’m a Unix virgin, so I have no clue what this directory is for, but upon examination I find the following files:

Airport : Lists airports and airport abbreviations

Birthtoken: Birthstones by month

Units.lib: All sorts of different standards and abbreviations

Flowers: What to read into different flowers

… and the list goes on.

A quick google of “/usr/share/miscs” tells me it’s used for “Miscellaneous architecture-independent data”. Ok. Right. So, if I’m ever really wondering what to think when someone gives me a vase of white violets… I’ll… head… straight to… /usr/share/misc?


p.s. White violets = Modesty.

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  1. dr_memory 21 years ago

    Welcome to “UNIX as archeological dig.”

    See also:


  2. yojauta 21 years ago



  3. If /usr/games contains NetHack, I will be Impressed. The capitalisation denotes great magnitude. Or something. Fuck. PASS THE PAINKILLERS WENDY!

  4. rands 21 years ago

    Strange — no /usr/games on my default Mac OS X install. How depressing, I was seriously looking forward to hunting a bit of wumpus.

  5. I am totally coding ascii porn in perl.

    (this mean i am cool)

  6. For ascii art, download JavE. Jave.de I think. Excellent tool. Speaking of excellent tools, whatever happened to your webcomic ecco?? Peace Love Beats & Kisses, Stonewall Jackson.


  8. well, after memepool or metafilter or one of those idiots posted about the comic i was making, all of a sudden my server started to die every five minutes because it became SO FUCKING POPULAR. so one comic later, i decided to change formats. sanscomic.com is still up, but i don’t update it — besides, don’t you prefer tehsux? it’s so much easier to update and it’s already gotten metafiltered by the retards and it held up fine.

  9. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago

    Yeah I’m sorry to get you metafiltered like that. I’ve actually been kicked out of metafilter twice now. For bing myself. And no, tehsux isn’t that amazingly good. What made sanscomic so good was the dope smoke train of thought substantiated through imagery. When those jokes are organized and seriously strung together they create something much more than retarded bonghit humor. You had a really good style too, in some ways better than jerkcity. Sanscomic had fantastic punchlines too, I seem to remember – “I AM FAT” and “LOOK I’M SORRY I SODOMIZED YOUR DAUGHTER”.

    Ah those were the days.

  10. it puts the comedy in the wastebasket and it throws it over the fence into its neighbor’s yard.

  11. Ryvar 21 years ago

    I’m the guy on metafilter making all the (very) long pro-gun rants despite not owning a gun. Fortunately I hate America enough that I haven’t been kicked out of the clubhouse . . .

  12. I was “Settle” and then “Kettleblack”. Matt Howie, being a homosexual, probably got tired of all the front page publicity jerkcity was getting from me.

  13. Spacelegoman 21 years ago

    Settle was one of the only good posters on metafilter ever.

    Good work, sir.

  14. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago

    I was widely loved, yes, but the metafilter community didn’t appreciate my genius. Their loss I say.

  15. Klaatu 21 years ago

    /usr/games needs Rogue!

    > you have found a scroll and a leatherman’s leather body bag.

    >You read the scroll.

    (Teleport Monster)

    >A Leprechaun from behind the door shows you his ugly smile.

    >You hit the leprechaun, as in stuff him into the Leather bag and smack his ass to kingdom come.

    >You defeat the Leprechaun – his purse feels lighter.

    You now have 200,000 gold pieces.

    >You descend down the stairs into the next dungeon level

    >Your strength has increased…

    ramble on Rands & sing your song

  16. Klaatu 21 years ago


    But the night before

    Behind the door

    A leprechaun had stroked his spot

    He stroked his spot

  17. WofoPewp 21 years ago

    Stroked his SMOCK, fool.

    Which sent him off in such a frenzy,

    he sang lock around the crock

    and he topped it off with a WOO WOO WOO

    as he stumbled on his cock

    he was delighted as it stiffened

    and ripped right through his sock!

    “Oh Saint Alfonso would be proud of me!”

    (He shouted down the block).

  18. Klaatu 21 years ago

    Usr/lyrics/ Zappa

    As the priest in the leatherman’s body bag flies

    through the dungeon on the swing:

    Dominus Vo-bisque ’em

    Et come spear a tu-tu,


    Won’t you eat my sleazy pancakes

    Just for Saintly Alfonzo

    Ktanx to Wofo