Tech Life Calculated the arc of the sun

Now that’s math…

Quote from the architect selected to build the new World Trade Center:

Libeskind says that having calculated the arc of the sun, a wedge of natural light would funnel visitors to the memorial site, and that every September 11 between 8:46 a.m., when the first tower was struck by a plane, and 10:28 a.m., when the second tower collapsed, no shadows will be cast by his buildings.

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  1. Klaatu 21 years ago

    Dear Rands;

    mmmmmm…Stonehenge:-) Libeskind’s design was certainly the most senstive of all the other competition entries. There is a thirst for light in Lower Manhatten.


  2. I am kindof pissed they didn’t accept my original proposal to build a 5000 ft dong. I proposed that every year, on Sept. 11, they lift the statue of liberty and put her on top of said 5000 ft dong. Then again, I also got shot down when I proposed the Jerkcity 2.0 logo be the ad banner for Clearly my genius is unappriciated in these parts.

  3. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago

    I’ll bet someone is gonna spec some really slick toilets/stall hardware for the bathrooms. Slick yet reverant.

  4. Was really shooting for the design with the tesla coils on top. You can never have too many tesla coils for my money.

  5. tripwood 21 years ago

    holy shit just imagine all the tourists licking the dong for the photos, you could have a second coming of the black plague just from that.

  6. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago

    We’re all going to hell, aren’t we.

  7. Floid 21 years ago

    New York’s new landmark: The Smack Needle.

    What’s interesting is that, in the ground-level mockup published recently (not sure if I saw it in the Hartford Courant or the NYT; it’s not the same image that’s been on CNN forever), the buildings look like rubble. A heck of a lot like rubble; between all the oddly-jutting angles and the shapes of the windows, it’s a) what he seems to be good at and b) kinda shockingly evocative of The Event (what with all the criticism of the ‘skeleton towers’ proposal), though it might be a little less harsh in living color than muddy halftone.

    IMHO, a pretty good piece of [forgettably postmodernist, for my taste] architecture in the wrong place. The idea of a vertical memorial garden is kinda cool [in a hip postmodern way], but you can’t really pull that shit off until you actually *have* the tech to build a castle in the air; with the cost of construction, there’s already [even more of a] clamor to pack the whole thing full of offices to pay for it, as far as I can tell.