Rands Where they make rain

Scotland Errata

The camera on the new phone has the ability to take three separate pictures and then stitch the three together into a single panorama. It’s a slow process, but the end result is a photo which gives an entirely different perspective.


I’m in Scotland all week and I was successful in completely ignoring jetlag until last night. A marathon twelve hours of sleep and it appears I’m now on UK time which is just in time to return to home.

The Scotland trip is a recruiting gig. First, St. Andrews and then University of Edinburgh. All professional responsibilities are now complete which means I can begin to be a tourist. This means that I spent half the morning in the hotel fine tuning chapters for the book and then running out the door to fulfill my duty as a tourist.

The parents have an almost fanatical fascination with Scotland and have been here dozens of times. My exposure has been limited, but I can confirm it’s a friendlier vibe than London, there are sheep everywhere, and it’s clear this is where all rain gets made.

In unrelated news, Alex King tagged me for Pay it Forward Tuesday. A quick search of this meme didn’t result in much other than the fact that I’m supposed to tag another weblog that I’m fond of. I normally bail on these types of memes, but I read Alex’s site, I use Alex’s software, and Alex and I hung out which means he’s tightly integrated into my credibility network. It would be bad form to not pass this on.

Not sure if I’m supposed to do this on Tuesday or not, but I’m tagging Cabel Sasser. He’s the founder of Panic software. Updates to his weblog are infrequent, but the content he generates is a reflection of who he is. Eclectic tastes, perfectionist, and hilarious. He’s a must-have for your RSS reader.

Tomorrow, I’m back on a plane to the US of A. It’s business class which is probably worth a few pictures of because I’ve never been able to lie down on a plane. I’m going to be relieved to stop calculating the current time for multiple time zones and I’m looking forward to being able to recognize my breakfast, but I’m appreciating that each time I travel I get to digest a new perspective.

3 Responses

  1. John Muir 17 years ago

    Welcome to my home town Rands. You came in a typical Scottish February, which the picture shows quite well.

  2. Steve 17 years ago

    It wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland without getting roaring drunk (twice the UK average of alcohol related illness). If you’re in Edinburgh you have a plethora of pubs to choose from, most will serve anyone who can stand up best out of three. I’d stay off George St. and the Cowgate though.

  3. John Muir 17 years ago

    Yeah, just checked, and my brother was one of the Ed. U. engineering students you saw yesterday. Small old world…