Rands Serious tinkering in 2004

Rands V3 Update

The weblog is currently going through an update. Things are going to look a bit odd for the next couple of hours. More on the update in a bit.

Happy New Year.

Update #1: Sorry for the RSS spam — currently paying for past mistakes…

Update #2: Ok, majority of the site is converted over… I’ve tested against most Mac browsers and a smattering of Windows browsers. Looking for glaring rendering errors… Still many small tweaks need to land.

8 Responses

  1. Sweet. I like the new brown/orange/yellow colour scheme. Very autumnal.

  2. chris 21 years ago

    looks great!

  3. Fat Larry 21 years ago

    Picking out colors is hard. Hey, I’m leaking this here: http://deadpool.rotten.com/

  4. Kevin 21 years ago

    Damn. Your new layout looks like tits on glass under Opera! I’m diggin it.


  5. Roderick 21 years ago

    Looks absolutely great. Do excuse me for my blatant asking: is there any chance you’d be willing to share your Movable Type templates?

  6. TheNintenGenius 21 years ago

    You have to love an Opera-friendly site. Makes avoiding Internet Explorer that much easier (though it can’t be completely avoided, what with IE annoyingly being the web standard and all).

  7. Glad to hear the site looks solid on Opera… it was one the browsers I didn’t get a chance to test. Let’s hear it for web standards.

    Re: templates. Well, I’d like to sanitize them a bit, but if that isn’t too much work, I’d have no problem sticking them up on the site for eager MT users. Lemme look into it.

  8. Roderick 21 years ago

    Who’s the man! Time for a Rands Public License? 😉