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Messy Thinking, Pt. 3

Co-workers keep asking me why I bought the 30″ flat panel and slapped it down next to the 23″. I’m not a coder anymore… in fact, with each passing year, I become less of a coder even with my painfully infrequent excursions into lands of Python and PHP.

30 inches baby

What I am, as a manager, is an adept consumer of information and, while I’m still getting the hang of it, you can consume a lot of information with 6.4 million pixels.


Read more about why you should own a 30″ via the original Messy Thinking article.

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  1. That photo is a great example of two things:

    Poor design because there’s no height adjustment, so you always have to find some kind of crap to put under them. (I have cinderblocks under CRTs, and had the iMac G5 on a couple of dead CD-ROM drives)

    Proliferation of LCD arms.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t go the height figured out yet… the 30″ has so much UP AND DOWN it’s hard to get a good feel for what’s right.

    Plus the ergonomics folks giggle at me when I ask for help.

  3. Chris 19 years ago

    A few months ago I bought a decked out G5 and a 30″ screen. When everything was set up at my corner desk, I was humbled by my geek-corner: the 15″ powerbook on the right, with the 21″ CRT plugged into it & sitting in the elbow, and the 30″ sea of pixels on the left. I giggled.

  4. Chris 19 years ago

    Ok, I’ll bite, you running those off the mini on the desk, or the G5 underneath?

  5. I looked at one when I was getting my iBook (I’m poor) at the Apple Store. Honestly, I have no idea how I would use one. They just seem entirely too large. I’d love to have one or two of those 20″ ones though. Thank god we got out of the 4:3 age, eh?

  6. I’d kill for one of those. I would never question the need. If someone asks “what would you need that for?” then almost by default there’s really no reason in trying to explain it.

    They’re just not that kind of person.

  7. Above, Chris asked if you were running that setup from the Mini in the picture, and I’d honestly love to know to. I wouldn’t have thought that possible, but if it is, I’d definitely like to hear how!

  8. No, I’m not driving the monitors from the Mini. The 30″ requires a monster nVidia card which is merrily chugging away in a G5 which is not pictured.

    The Mini is an experimental file server.

  9. Rands, I’m so envious…30 inches of pixel goodness. And I thought I had it good with the old 23″ HD monitor.

  10. Rands,

    As manager you just sit around all day consuming information? If that’s the case how’d you get that posisiot because I would say most of my time is spent consuming information, and I think I could handle the random excursions into the cube farm. I guess the real question is how can I spice up my resume so I get hired to do what I do?

    – Nolan

  11. That’s getting close to my ideal desktop.

    Unfortunately I suspect that in my current job I have not a hope in hell of persuading the boss to pay for the G5 and the monitors. Oh well.