Poker Hand Slang

The project list for the week off is extensive. Finish How to Lose Your Job, Pt. 2… seriously mess around with Photoshop via a fine Xmas gift from the Mom… tidy up my Del.icio.us bookmarks to make some sense… hey, I should clean-up my local bookmarks, as well. NOTE TO SELF. Oh yeah, I’m going… More

Your Rands Xmas Card

This weblog made it into this year’s Christmas letter and that makes it official — my Mom might be reading. This brings all sorts of represesed teenage censorship vibe into my head. Well, fuck that. As part of my Christmas Letter weblog blurb, I dug up some usage statistics regarding Rands In Repose. Interesting data:… More

Rands V3 Notes

The main motivation for updating the site was really a nit. The right sidebar looked liked crap on Safari and when I started tinkering with the HTML, I discovered my table-based layout was just not up to snuff. “Standards”, I thought, “XHTML and CSS. That’s the ticket.” Random notes from the experience: Let me first… More

Rands V3 Update

The weblog is currently going through an update. Things are going to look a bit odd for the next couple of hours. More on the update in a bit. Happy New Year. Update #1: Sorry for the RSS spam — currently paying for past mistakes… Update #2: Ok, majority of the site is converted over…… More


An excerpt from the last three weeks of every significant software project I’ve shipped: scurry scurry scurry scurry BUG! LOOKS BAD SCURRY SCURRY SCURRY OK NOT THAT BAD PROCEED scurry scurry scurry scurry BUG! LOOKS REAL BAD SCURRY SCURRY CONFIRMED IT’S BAD SCURRY SCURRY OK FIXED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE TEST THIS scurry… More


… to the new server and domain. I moved here a little earlier than expected, so some links and whatNot are broken. In particular, the archiving system has been completely rearchitected for OPTIMAL FUTURE LINKABILITY. Unfortunately, this means old links may be broken. PROGRESS HURTS. HOLLER IF YOU SEE THIS. If you had not already… More

Dean @ Lessig

My current favorite for the Democratic nomination, Governor Howard Dean, is guest weblogging over at Lawrence Lessig’s weblog for the week. Go over and read Dean’s first entry if you have a moment. Dean’s comments are interesting and relevant in the context of Lessig’s weblog, they are also further proof that weblogs are net_people. Read… More