The Tinker List

Tinkering is a deceptively high-value activity. You don’t usually allocate much time to tinkering because the obvious value of tinkering is low. You don’t start tinkering with a goal in mind; you start with pure curiosity. I’ve heard about this thing, but I’ve never used it. How does this thing work? I’ve always wanted to… More

The Holiday Hole

This year’s Christmas presents hide right behind the closet door. Several boxes are on shelves while other packages are lamely stuffed in a festive Ted Baker bag on the floor. If you walked in the closet, you would see the presents with zero effort. Ten years ago, my children would’ve paid cash money to know… More

Kyle the Octopus

Eagle-eyed readers noticed resting on the best couch ever that there was an orange octopus. His name and how he ended up there is a great story. When my daughter was in elementary school, we participated in a program called Indian Princesses that started in kindergarten with graduation in 5th grade. Each month there were… More

With Great Joy

It is with great joy and a little bit of sadness that I welcome you to next version of Rands. For a long list of dear friends, I’m “that guy”. I’m the guy who has told an endless number of people that the redesign of Rands has been just around the corner for the last… More

Scotland Errata

The camera on the new phone has the ability to take three separate pictures and then stitch the three together into a single panorama. It’s a slow process, but the end result is a photo which gives an entirely different perspective. I’m in Scotland all week and I was successful in completely ignoring jetlag until… More

Chaz The Deer

I ran cross country for many years in jr. high and highschool. A daily longish run became part of the regular routine. I was unable to sleep well unless I’d chewed up some nearby trail. Upon arrival at UC Santa Cruz, I found a gorgeous loop trail near the East Field House that I’d hit… More


A list of things I don’t understand about Thanksgiving: How I can’t peel my eyes off the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Why I didn’t think to turn the sound off the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ten years ago. Why I always resist the walk around the hill my parents insist on doing, but always end… More

Back from Europe

Twelve days in Europe has revealed the following: Drinking good red wine with every dinner mellows you out Hanging in Italy and France during the World Cup is the only way to understand what soccer means to the rest of the world. My first night in Italy was the day of the USA versus Italy… More