Better Than Coffee

About 2pm every day, I get up to walk over to the cafeteria to get my afternoon caffeine hit… or I watch this video.

I am so very sorry, it had to be done.

[5/17/04 Update]: Yeah, the link is down. If anyone can find a mirror, I’d appreciate it.

[5/17/04 Update #2]: Ok, we’re good. Thanks Ken.

[8/27/07 Update #3]: It bugs me when video links are broken.

12 Responses

  1. Great. So I thought, “just one more funny clip before I go to bed” at half past two in the morning. Totally awesome.

  2. Ah, thank you, that cured my migraine.

  3. This stuff ceased to be funny in 2000.

  4. Primordious 20 years ago

    Thanks so much. After a late night of drinking I was a bit fuzzy this morning, not anymore…..

  5. chris 20 years ago

    Now I need a new chair. :wah:

  6. Way to scare the shit out of me. Now I’ll have to turn on all the lights when I go for a cigarette, in case there’s fucking zombies in the bathroom.

  7. phpNeophyte 20 years ago

    SHOCK and then a chuckle! Got Me! *smile* I didn’t see that coming. LOL!

  8. Kindred 20 years ago

    I think i just got ‘served’ by the webserver!

    error 403: Forbidden!

    The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated.

  9. Haven’t found a working link to the movie yet, but I did find something a bit dangerous:

  10. Klaatu 20 years ago

    mmmmm, double espresso shot with 2% voodoo zombie, (comes with soymilk too):-)

  11. I hate you so much right now. So. Much.

    You are so fired. I am never clicking on an mpeg link in this blog again.