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I’ve added a list of links which I frequent to the right_bar of RandsInRepose.


I think one of the unspoken laws of weblogging is that you have such a list — it is the webloggers way of saying, “If you are reading my site, you should also read these sites.” Value added weblogging.

Different folks take different tacts with this list. My filter for what I list is rather simple. Forgetting about the wonders of NetNewsWire and bookmarks in general, it’s a basic law of the human mind that you can keep seven plus or minus three things in your mind at a time. With that rough rule in hand, I present my 7 +/- 3 list — a list designed to fit in your brain.

A quick blurb about the items on the current alphabetically list:

Agonist — This guy sits in front of twenty seven tvs and warblogs every tidbit of news which passes by. Good raw war data.

BBC News — Slightly less biased news — they call everyone Mr. including Mr. Saddam Hussein. I like that.

Guardian Unlimited — More limey news.

NSLog(); — This falls under the category of “if you like my site, you’ll like his”.

Hyatt — The voice of the new Apple Safari browser.

RumorTracker — Get the buzz on current Apple shenanigans.

~stevenf — Another weblog with similarities to RinR.

The objective is to keep this list fresh with a consumable list of sites I’m frequenting… we’ll see how that goes.

[4/7/03 Update]: I’m removing Agonist.org from the 7 +/- 3 list mostly because of this Wired story. In terms of transgressions to society, this is forgivable, but, to me, this is a credibility hit. Ciao.

I’ve replaced Agonist w/ Aaron Swartz. Mr. Swartz almost made the first cut, but has not been generating, in my opinion, valuable content via his weblog as of recent. Still, review of his archives plus his other projects gives me the opinion his site will be of interest to RinR readers.

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  1. Thanks for the vote. Your RumorTracker link goes to Hyatt’s blog currently. 🙂

  2. Nice idea.. 🙂

  3. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago


  4. Klaatu 21 years ago

    Dear Rands;

    I liked your ~stevenF link the best. His blog

    too is value added – artwork, links, news and commentary, cyberworld developments…you both have all- inclusive blogs for readers like me who are too rushed to compose our own blogs but like to read one with my coffee first thing in the morning. I used to like to read the Op-ED page of the newspaper, but the modern world is too rushed and I refuse to buy cable Tv.

    Peace Out,