Last update: Foggy Saturday Morning — May 24th, 2024

Current essentials:

  • I work at Apple. This is my second stint there. I am accountable for communication applications. Apple fascinates me.
  • I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. I’ve lived here my whole life. I take care of a forest. Some of the trees have names.
  • I write all the time. You’re soaking in it.
  • I bike a lot. I wish I wrote “all the time.”
  • I podcast, but we’re doing just 100 of these, and then we’re done. We’re around 89 right now.
  • There are currently zero puppers. This will change with time.

The next books:

  • Writing the next leadership book. I don’t have a name, but someone expects me to write this.
  • Writing an autobiography thing. No planned date, but writing.

This now page is a curated idea by Derrick Sivers. I like it.

A human, not a robot, wrote this page. (A robot edited it.)