Rands Leadership Survey Update

Over 400 folks have taken the time to fill out the Rands Leadership Survey. Thank you. Some very brief stats:

  • I’m seeing a completion rate of 25%+ on desktops, tables, and smartphones which is a lot considering the survey takes 10+ minutes to fill out.
  • It is apparently easier to fill out the survey on a tablet. Higher completions, lower average time to complete. Tip of the hat to Typeform for making the survey simple and gorgeous on mobile devices.
  • 98% of the folks who filled out the survey want to hear about the results. 92% are willing to joining a mailing list on leadership. That seems like an easy win.
  • In terms of where folks are willing to invest their time, the current winners are: participating in a mentorship program (67%) and semi-informal serendipitous bitching at a nearby bar (67%).

As I mentioned in the introduction to the survey, I’m leaving the survey up for a month and will then publish results. If you haven’t already and you are a leader of humans, take 10 minutes of your time and take the survey.