The Force Awakens – A Collage of Iconic Images

(This brief article assumes you’ve seen the trailer. If you haven’t what are you waiting for?)

The Return of the Jedi came out on May 25, 1983 which is really the last time that you saw new material on the Millennium Falcon was 31 years ago. If you were alive, close your eyes and imagine what you were doing 31 years ago. I was furiously begging my parents to let me see Return of the Jedi again.

As teaser trailers, The Force Awaken checks all the boxes. Introduction of characters. Check. Establish that the Star Wars universe has evolved since we last saw it. Check Bad guys. Check. Good guys. Check. Potentially annoying guys (Rolling ball droid?). Check. Lens flare. Check. Tip of the hat to the original series. Check.

Based on reaction of the rest of the family, everyone is excited to see the movie, but the trailer does little to introduce where the story is headed. It’s a delicious collage of iconic images. For me, there is only one shot that matters and that is the Millennium Falcon. We had a hint of the Falcon in Episode III as a much earlier version of the ship is docking in Coruscant, but that was three seconds and who knew who was flying it? We don’t know who is flying it in the trailer, but there is high probability it’s folks we know.

The Millennium Falcon is all I needed to see. I’m hooked.