Briefly, Internet Trends 2014

Coming in at 164 slides, Mary Meeker (partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers) delivers a massive annual State of the Internet deck each year and it’s worth reading a couple of times. The report provides framing and background to many of the tech-related news stories of the past year. My brief notes:

  • I’ve been hearing a theory that tablets are going to be squeezed out by ever better smartphones and portables. Here’s another theory: tablets are a force of nature and not going anywhere:

tablet growth

  • In eight years, “Made in the USA” smartphones went from 5% market share to 97%. (Slide 10)
  • $38 billion in mobile advertising spend in 2013. (Slide 16)
  • +95% of networks compromised in some way (Wait, what?) (Slide 18)
  • We’re nowhere near the number of IPOs and amount of venture financing that occurred during the tech bubble. (Slide 21 & 22)
  • 81% of high school freshman graduated in 2012, up from 74% five years ago.
  • People like to look at pictures (Slide 38):


  • While $1.3B is nothing to sneeze at, digital music track sales are down 6% year of year. (Slide 50)
  • 1.8B+ photos uploaded a day! (Slide 62)
  • There are 10 sensors in the Galaxy S5 (Gyro, fingerprint, barometer, hall, RGB ambient light, gesture, heart rate, accelerometer, proximity, compass). (Slide 67)
  • Computing costs have, apparently, decreased at 33% annual for the past 23 years. (Slide 70)

computing cost

  • Still trying to figure out what this means, but it’s important, “A fan base shares, comments, curates, creates”. (Slide 114)
  • Holy crap China. (Slide 128)