Your People, Once More

This is supposed to be a brief explanation of how odd (yet awesome) it feels to have a “making of” post written about the redesign of Rands in Repose and while that is awesome, I want to talk about your people again.

I met Alex King many years ago when I was actively using his Tasks Pro software. He dropped by for lunch at Apple during which we debated productivity software. I remember disagreeing with him about something fundamental and he held his ground, we agreed to disagree. During this lively disagreement, I decided that Alex was my people.

Your people are your people because while you may not always agree, you are comfortably on the same frequency. Because of this frequency alignment, you invest in them instinctively because while people look at you like you’re crazy, they do not. You answer their emails quickly. You arrange drinks when they are in town – always. They are your people and in a world chock full of people, your people are uniquely yours.

I’m proud of the redesign. I loved working with Crowd Favorite. More importantly, I appreciated the reminder of the value of my people.