You’ve had this problem. You’re driving home from work and you hear this killer song on the radio. If you’re like me, you attempt to remember some key lyric and then, if you remember, get home to Google the lyric and find the band/song and THEN OF COURSE YOU USE THE APPLE MUSIC STORE TO LEGALLY PURCHASE THE TUNE. THAT IS JUST GOOD KARMA. offers, what appears to be, real time listings for a great many radio stations around the country — it had all the relevant stations from the Bay Area. It also have something called the Yes Bar which appears to give some ability to use the service within your website.

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  1. Ryvar 21 years ago

    Nobody’s putting more money back into ‘cool’ technology anymore, and bandwidth hasn’t gotten any cheaper – necessity is the mother of not only invention, but apparently fashion, too.

    It’s a pity that the ISPs are all clamping down on servers more and more these days – what’s needed more than ever at the moment is a whole new WWW that’s completely run off a BitTorrentesque concept (this is after 24 hours sans sleep, no technical details outside of a vague ‘Freenet?’).

    Of course, what the ISPs are doing would cease to be relevant at all if there was some way we could pull off long-distance trunks for free. I mean, as of all the new hyper-802.11 nextgen standards, we’ve got the last mile problem licked solid, don’t we? Just have a few hundred hackers setup a few hundred of those as open nodes in every city, then connect each city via trunks. You know, the only reason I even bother reading slashdot anymore is that I keep hoping that I’ve missed out on some idea (outside of quantum entanglement aka particle spin theorem) for conquering the trunks. Makes you beat your head against the wall, doesn’t it? If the trunks were free and user run there’d be no way to tame the Net *AT ALL*, hackers would reign as gods and copyright infringement would make today’s worst excesses look like droplets in the bucket. Ideas would flourish wild again and corporatism would be dead if only there was a way to setup free intercity trunks.

  2. Stonewall Jackson 21 years ago

    you listen to the radio??

  3. I’m curious as to how this helps in the car. Do you have a wireless phone/PDA that’ll let you access their site? If so, does their site play well?

    Also, do you think it’s a better solution than Xenote (, Sony eMarker (reveiwed at as is dead), or the Shazam cellphone service (… at least in theory?

    None of which have caught on in the U.S., though.

    Not trolling, simply wondering.

  4. rands 21 years ago

    Personally, I’ve never used one of the other services. I, also, don’t think it’s any easier to remember the time a song was played than remembering lyrics.

    One thing which is interesting is their front page is very Google-like in it’s less is more presentation. Interesting to see the miminalist approach to web services gather momentum.


  6. Ryvar 21 years ago


  7. “You’ve had this problem. You’re driving home from work and you hear this killer song on the radio.”

    um… no, I have never had this problem.

  8. Well is that because a) you don’t have a job b) you don’t have a car or c) you’re some kind of music-hating philistine????

  9. It’s because (d) NO “KILLER SONGS” EVER PLAY ON THE RADIO. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a college town, “the radio” is a horrible thing.

    I find out about new music from friends, or reading the occasional music magazine, or chasing links on review sites like Pitchfork… in general, by keeping an ear to the ground and actively seeking out new music.

    I’ve been enjoying too, as a way to chase “related” bands (labelmates of bands I like, generally). Haven’t turned up any real gems yet but I have hope.

  10. So… what technology is using to find out what is playing where?