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Two days later and the WWDC hangover is just about gone. I’d like to say the hangover was primarily booze-related, but it was a stress hangover. We had some big things to pitch this year and getting that pitch refined took some work. That is an understatement.

wwdc2007Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say “Howdy” and “We get it”. I appreciated that.

Next on the Rands public speaking schedule is, hopefully, a return to SXSW. The folks at SXSW are taking a different approach with developing content by asking former presenters and panelists to submit ideas and then have the community vote on those ideas.

I’ve got a proposed session under review called “The Design Aesthetic of the Indy Developer” and you should vote for it here:

The description: “This panel intends to explore the product lifecycle (or lack thereof) within very small software development shops. The goal is to explore the experiences of successful small developers and discuss the design process. Panelists will represent significantly different platforms and technologies to give a broad set of (hopefully) differing opinions.”

Like last year, I’ll be gathering a pile of notable panelists from differing backgrounds to have it out on stage for everyone else’s entertainment.

Lots of good potential panels on the SXSW2007 docket, check it out…

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  1. Congratulations on surviving WWDC. I’ll be looking forward to this years panel in Austin.

  2. Jason Williams 18 years ago

    I’m kind of curious what language Wiki Server was written in? Also, is it a ground-up new product?