Windows Webloggin’

About a year a half ago, I made the switch to Apple. One of the handy facts of this existence is that there is a large community of folks who stare significantly at “All Things Apple”. This provides a fascinating running commentary of Apple’s public facade which, in recent months, has been rapidly evolving.

So, the question is: Where are the equivalent sites for Windows and Intel? Off the top of my head, I can think of Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows, NeoWin, and OSNews, but I’m looking for weblog-ish sites which use a bit more of a personal voice to observe the Windows world.

Whaddya got?


— The Old New Things

— The Scobleizer Weblog

Black Viper

5 Responses

  1. ignatz 21 years ago is pretty good about windows design and How it Got That Way, and isn’t either a bashing site or an evangelist site. i like.

  2. sebimeyer 21 years ago

    If windows and dell keeps copying the exciting things the folks at apple do, then it’s hardly a surprise the web write mainly about apple and not the followers.

  3. Ryvar 21 years ago

    I expect most of the people here, being fairly senior netizens (*gag*) know of it, but Blackviper’s site is probably the best ‘tweak’ site for Windows XP/2k around. The services guide is always always always the first site one should hit when booting up a new Windows install in order to shutdown all those potential vulnerabilities quickly.

  4. Eli Sarver 21 years ago

    Is it just me, or do those sites all look like angry fruit salad? mac-user based sites always seem much easier on the eyes.

  5. Windows doesn’t enthuse “fan sites” because there’s less about which to be fanatical. Plus, majority groups rarely have “fan sites” anyway. That, or they have twenty billion.

    Really, though, I think it’s the first. Windows users “use” their computers far more than Mac users… who “enjoy” their computers.