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Weekend Project: Cave Renovations

I love my Cave. Earlier this week, I finished the book. This is the third book I’ve mostly written in the Cave. There’s been lots of outside writing spots, coffee shops, vacations, and airplanes, but the bulk of the work has been completed right here. Sitting in a hoodie, coffee to the left, Bear fired up, and me clickity-clacking on my current favorite keyboard.

There was the time the entire book was on the floor for weeks. This was me considering the shape of the book. On the floor was when I decided to split the book into three acts: manager, director, and executive. After that came a long editing phase where that extravagant extra display becomes worth every penny because I can see everything: the spreadsheet with all the chapters, the file system with all the in-progress chapters, the chapter that refers to another chapter, and the referred to chapter.

The Cave was in pretty good shape at the end of the Pro Leisure Circuit. I’d completed investments in building out the gaming set-up with the addition of Alienware PC plus a cool monitor bracket, which allows me, yeah, even more pixels. More importantly, the Cave felt tidy. Handled. Everything in its place.

The Cave is currently crumbling. (click for larger versions)


I, like many humans, are working from home full time to support flattening the curve on the Pandemic. The actual day-to-day work situation is pretty good. After some quality of life fixes, we’re getting in the zone. However, the Cave is a disaster.


This is mostly a function of how much time I’m spending in this space with full-time daytime work. I quickly discovered I need to mentally separate Work Space from Chill Space hence the hastily constructed standing desk the second picture. The Cave also started this period with residual piles of things that needed to go to their proper spots, which have only been growing and getting in the way.

The mental noise that comes with this clutter is increasingly intense, so the weekend project is deep organizational cleaning.

I will post the results later this weekend.

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