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Two Time Sinks

First, the Flickr related tag browser. It’s a mouthful and also a potential holy shit.

For my second trick, I will magically take away, at least, one hour of your life. Possibly more. Click at your own risk.

[4/1/05 Update]: Details regarding the Mahna Mahna video. Obviously, this is a Muppet production, but a bit of poking the net revealed, it’s a famous production. Tidbits:

  • The skit/song had been done various times for the Ed Sullivan as well as Sesame during the late 1960s.
  • The singer’s name is Mahna Mahna, he is performed by Jim Henson.
  • The two cowlike creatures are called Snowths (mouth + snout)
  • This was the open number for the original Muppet show which aired on April 25, 1977.
  • The Mahna Mahna skit was also done for the Muppet revival show, Muppets Tonight, as well as being performed live in December 2001 during MuppetFest.

13 Responses

  1. HiFoo 19 years ago

    I don’t quite understand the second one. It is very entertaining, but how do you lose an hour to it?

  2. HiFoo: A conundrum indeed. Why does Rands think we’ll lose an hour to a three minute movie? Is there a hidden message that we’re both missing? Did something fly clear over our heads while we were watching muppets?

  3. I can’t stop watching the damn thing. That’s the problem.

  4. And lets not forget this slice of joy:

  5. Thadman 19 years ago

    For those of you that enjoyed the Mahnamahna, you might check out this commercial-

  6. Rands isn’t the only one who can’t stop watching that clip. After the 20th time, however, I admit, enough was enough. Rands was right though–an hour, give or take, was definitely lost to Mahnamahna, and I’m not getting that time back. Ever.

  7. peejay 19 years ago

    Phenomenon… err, mahnamahna.

    When I was five years old, one of my friends was telling me about watching that very skit the night before.

    Now 22 years later, I actually get a chance to see it. The circle is complete, the feeding tube may now be safely removed.

  8. A rock band named Skin did a cover titled “Mah Na Mah na”around ten years ago, I’ve only just discovered. Strangely uplifting too.

  9. scarlet 19 years ago

    One of the best muppet skits ever. Another tidbit – it was also performed on Sesame Street as a solo act with the original Mahna Mahna.

  10. Also worth noting: the “Mahna Mahna” song was originally composed by Piero Umiliani, for a Swedish porn film.

    Muppets and porn: two great tastes that taste great together.

    Or something like that.

  11. The Kyle Davis 19 years ago

    That link has been timing out… here’s another one

  12. Flickr Related Tag Browser

    Flickr Related Tag Browser. go.

  13. 19 years ago

    Flickr Goodness

    My buddy Matt (happy?), sent me a couple links to some cool apps that use the Flickr’s API. I’ve also got a third link discovered in one of my feed subscriptions, Rands In Repose. These links all require Flash, which you should have by now unless you…