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The Wet

All you needed to do this winter to figure out that we screwed up the planet is stare out the living room window. This here is day number four of snow that stuck up here at fourteen hundred feet in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

backyard winter

We get a smattering snow ever so often, but it was close to thirty years ago that we had anything which resembled close to a week of snow worthy weather.

porch winter

When you follow the snow with close to forty days of rain, you can imagine the feeling when the back yard starts to look like this.

porch winter

Happy Spring.

porch winter

7 Responses

  1. Be happy you’re not in the Ohio valley. Winters feature a persistent overcast sky with intermittent blankets of snow/rain. Spring is 4 days of mild weather with temperatures ranging from 40-70 degrees, all depending on when the next anvil-shaped cloud comes to claim yet another trailer park and knocks the temperature down 30 degrees. Then summer comes and you dread stepping outside because the heat/humidity combo is enough to make you collapse.

  2. wibble without a pause 18 years ago

    Loved your photos. It reminds me what a real winter/spring should be like.

    In Christchurch (New Zealand) the winters tend to be (mostly) snow-free and followed by a (very) wet spring. Autumn is now in full swing so winter is not too far off. Unlike the UK, we rarely get a week in winter without a blue sky day.

    Swings and roundabouts: nicer weather, fewer career options!

  3. GM_Axis 18 years ago

    Very nice pictures. What’s the camera you’re using, if ya don’t mind me asking?

  4. marnie 18 years ago

    Very beautiful, somehow I pictured you living

    in a very large city. Glad the waters receded.

  5. Brooks Moses 18 years ago

    Ok, I’ve got a small rant: Why is it that this year’s week of snowy weather is incontrovertible evidence that “we’ve screwed up the planet”, but the one 30 years ago wasn’t? And the one several decades before that, and so on back until prehistory?

    There’s plenty of good evidence for “global warming”, but comments like this only serve to confuse the issue and make it look like there’s no real evidence at all.

    Regardless of the rant, though, happy spring to you too!

  6. Michael Pearson 18 years ago

    Man, those Elder Scrolls: Oblivion screenshots sure look realistic…

  7. I liked your site.