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  1. Networking is very much an extroverts field in my mind. It is one thing to just say hello, exchange cards, discuss business but getting to that “hanging out” or inviting people to outside of work events is a major step.

    I distinctly remember my girlfriend taking me to a birthday party for a man (older then me) whom she just knew by working with. It was such an alien, and uncomfortable, concept that this guy would both throw a large party for himself and invite so many people he is not close with. I realize now he was using it to network (keep in touch with people) and was just that kind of extroverts. He was a people person so naturally was good at networking.

    For most other people networking like that is a hard to learn skill, and may never be learned. Plus these days with remote work I see even less of that within the same company, or people will say they would rather “just get the work done” and ignore forming any sort of connection with managers/employees.