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  1. Mark C. 5 years ago

    There’s nothing better than a nice surprise – which is what I got hearing Lyle on your broadcast. Didn’t know you were friends. I periodically hosted “In the Green Room” for his dad on KUSP-FM back in the day.

  2. Sean DePalma 5 years ago

    What happened to the beautiful writing? I used to look forward to your latest offering. I didn’t always agree with your take from a professional perspective and I never agreed with your politics but that is the great part about being human. I found something in your writing that gave me a thrill. I guess its like watching movies from a particular director or cinematographer; you didn’t really like the movie or the plot but the scenes were breathtaking and the lighting was just right. The characters were believable and properly cast. I will miss you greatly.

    Where have you gone RandsInRepose?

    • rands 5 years ago

      Aww. ❤️

      There is writing coming. Doing a book, so many of the words are focused there, but blog words are coming soon.