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  1. I wanted to let you two know that I really appreciated this one. As a leader who manages a team, how I give and receive feedback is key to everyone’s success. Keep the good content coming. I feel like you all are starting to hit your stride.

  2. Kristian Kruse 5 years ago

    First off thanks for speaking so openly about feedback and the encouragement of it. I just listened to this episode, so a little dated response.

    Two things I picked up on regarding the Julia Grace part: Feedback is a gift, but you have to ask to give it first. Rather than saying, “I have some feedback for you”, go with “I have some feedback for you, would now be a good time to talk about it, or is there a later point that’s better”. Point being, you might be on a way to a meeting, in a mental space not to listen etc, so asking ensures the space and presence to be there. You touch upon it, but it should be more deliberate IMO. Obviously, you shouldn’t let the person off the hook, but that comes down to how the culture of feedback is in the organization and whether there’s a accepted resistance to it. Again, you talk about this.

    Secondly, when Julia sees you as nervous, it doesn’t matter if you were or not. You don’t have to accept the feedback even, just say thanks. It’s an opportunity, however, to reflect on whether there’s something that’s effecting you personally that people can feel come across. The ability to step outside yourself and try to understand. In your case something had happened before the all hands, and that’s a good signal for maybe you need time and space before or sit one out. That I cannot comment on really, albeit I kind of just did.

    Thank you again for an amazing podcast series so far.