The Important Thing The Hunter Handicap is Real

The One About Destiny

With each episode of The Important Thing, I find a smart person on the planet and we talk about one thing… usually.

In the second episode, I am excited to be joined by my fellow Guardian John Siracusa to discuss the video game Destiny. Proudest moments, total time wasted, and the reality of the Hunter handicap – it’s all there.1

Enjoy it now or download for later. Here’s a handy feed or subscribe via Overcast or iTunes.

  1. There’s a Destiny Slack – this is different than the Leadership Slack. If you want an invite, drop me a note

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One Response

  1. Sihaam Hashi 7 years ago

    I have just finished listening to your podcasts and I really enjoyed it. Know that I was a little sceptical about listen to a brand new podcast because I have trouble keeping my attention on one enough to keep listening every new pod but I find that I probably will be able to with yours.
    One of the things about your podcast is that it brought my attentions back on a hobby I hadn’t thought about in a while, calligraphy. I found myself after the first pod going to find my old calligraphy set and practicing again! And for the other pod, my brothers are real game addicts. I never real found interest in games but your pod made me at least think about trying one or two, maybe even Destiny.

    Anyway, to wrap this up, I think your podcast is really great and your opening and closing song is pretty. I always love hearing the cello.