.tcshrc aliases

Over at NSLog(), they’re chatting about their favorite .tcshrc aliases. Given the time I’m spending at terminal in Mac OS X, finding a great script can mean huge, instant time saving as well as the discovery of, yet another, utility which ships with the OS that I had no clue existed… case in point, the curl utility.

My meager contribution… directory list by recently changed:

alias lr ‘ls -lagFqt !*’

3 Responses

  1. you don’t need the `\!*’.

    here’s one cute/dumb hack I’m proud of (slightly sanitized by using foo instead of what I normal call it):

    alias foo ‘set FOO=”oneof `cat ~/foo.txt`”; set FOO=`$FOO`; curl -s $FOO | xv -root -quit -rmode 4 -‘

    foo.txt is a list of urls separated by newlines. oneof is a dumb perl hack that returns one of its arguments to stdout. so, it sets the variable FOO to be a call to oneof, then executes it saving the result to FOO, then curls it to xv to display it as a background.

    two bits of hackish cuteness: (1) the result of the execution of FOO is saved back to FOO, and (2) FOO ends up, afterward, with the url of the randomly chosen file.

  2. Eli Sarver 21 years ago

    looks much better as ‘ls -lFagqt’

    My favourite Informix DB command is ‘onmode -yuck’ (brings the engine down to offline mode)