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RinR Templates

I’ve had a couple request for the templates for the new design. Here they are.

I’ve included the style sheets as well as a templates necessary to generate the front page. These are templates for Movabletype and will not work for other weblogging software without heavy massaging… or maybe someone has written a slick import utility… I don’t know.

Archives, comments, about, etc, etc… are not including in this archive, but a cursory examination of the templates will show that it’s relatively easy to build these secondary pages from the basic provided templates.

Oh yeah, there are no graphics included, either. You can already poach these easily enough.

Lastly, I can recommend enough the use of the style guide to model whatever crazy CSS ideas are bouncing around your head. This will save you time, time, time…

[Update 1/25/04: #5]: If you are thinking about a site redesign… Alex King is running a CSS style competition for WordPress. Lots of great design ideas to be had…

3 Responses

  1. Roderick 20 years ago

    You rock. Kudos!

  2. Roderick 20 years ago

    Just entered everything in an otherwise blank Movable Type site. There’s this most peculiar thing going on with the header if the center column doesn’t span the entire screen. Check out for a test drive. is fine, though.

    I double-checked the entire templates were in place, I tried fiddling with z-indexes and such but to no avail. Any ideas?

  3. Roderick 20 years ago

    Nevermind me for cluttering up your comments: I just noticed your “spreader” solution. Thanks again.