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Rands People Model

From my friend, Blue,

There are four types of people:

  • FUN GENERATORS — maximize.
  • FUN APPRECIATORS — maximize within space constraints.
  • FUN NEUTRALS — acceptable if no space constraints.
  • FUN DETRACTORS (FUN SPONGES) — avoid at all costs.

More on this model shortly.

8 Responses

  1. James 22 years ago

    More positive than “People are idiots” I suppose.

  2. yojauta 22 years ago

    So are the FUN DETRACTORS those people who always TAKE HITS OFF THE BONG but never BUY ANY FOR THE CREW?

  3. Floid 22 years ago

    So what’s Bush?

  4. Bush would be a FUN DETONATOR.

    BTW if you replace FUN with JIZZ in the list THEY ALL STILL WORK THE SAME.

  5. Or poking but not choking

  6. pfft, you just wanted to call someone a “jizz sponge” and sound intellectual.

    What about fun negators? those who detract entirely and take none on themselves? I’ve known a few people like that and trust me, they are beyond “detract”.

  7. Don’t forget the JIZZ GENERATORS and the JIZZ APPRECIATORS. And even the JIZZ NEUTRALS. Still works!

    Hmm… fun negators… yeah that works too. Kinda like a cock-blocker.

  8. Put me down for ‘JIZZ APPRECIATOR’

    Instead of ‘fun sponge’, just use ‘waste of life’