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Quicksilver Holy Shit

It takes time for a holy shit to sink in and become a real holy shit, but the holy shit experience is so few and far between that when you even get a whiff of one, you pay attention.

I’m likely the last person to discover Quicksilver, but I’ve been using it all damned day and it’s definitely pointed in a holy shit direction. It’s one of those “I had no idea what was bugging me about Launchbar until I tried something else” experiences.

Dan Dickinson explains…

4 Responses

  1. I tried QuickSilver for 2-3 hours before kicking it off my system… it just didn’t work for me. It felt like I was always having to interact with it, where w/ LaunchBar i never even think about interacting w/ LaunchBar, just launching my apps.

    Part of my beef was probably the fact I couldn’t get some of my bookmarks and apps to even show up in QuickSilver’s list using the shortcuts I use in LaunchBar.

  2. Eli Sarver 20 years ago

    It kept find porn instead of applications for me. Go figure.

  3. Holy shit. I had a Holy Shit over Quicksilver before, and now I’m having a Holy Shit about getting linked.

    Alex – have you checked the Catalog settings? If it’s just apps you need, you can add them in manually, or just check “Find All Applications”.

    Oh, and I’ll be at WWDC. Hit me with an email, I’ve got some session gaps and I’d love to meet the man.

  4. Wonder if Spotlight will subsume the Quicksilver functionality?

    Wonder if my use of the phrase ‘subsume functionality’ will get me permabanned from this notesfile?