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Ray Ozzie of Lotus Notes and Groove fame has a weblog.

Of note, “Effective leadership requires both a crisp vision as well as a personal commitment to communicate that vision. A rock may indeed be the best computing device in the universe, but so long as it has lousy I/O, we’ll never know.”

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  1. Stonewall Jackson 22 years ago

    Are your two primary interests (business management, technologically relevant corporate mumbo jumbo) and (cocksucking) in any way connected? Should I have payed attention in Chem and gone to MIT?

  2. Stonewall Jackson 22 years ago

    I’m sure kids at MIT are jealous of the enormous female content of a top art school – the grass is always going to be greener on the other side, I suppose, even if the other side is anonymous, awkward toilet sex with acne ridden media lab burnouts.

  3. rands 22 years ago

    Yes and yes.

  4. THIRD POST!!!

  5. stray 22 years ago

    I don’t think I could have summed it up any better than that. But who’s surprised? Geeky things have typically been of interest to guys, so anyone going to MIT should know beforehand that it has a much larger male population than female. Note: yes, you women can be geeky too, but go to any xUG meeting and it’s almost all guys. QED, sugar.

  6. alskjdfafhlkjds 22 years ago

    pls update jrnl asap

  7. You have no idea how productive I am at work without you updating. Please remedy.

  8. MIT is now about 60/40 men/women… 30% asian if that floats your boat.

    Not to mention there being shitloads of other schools in the Boston area…

  9. MIT rules – cos I am headed there