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Moveable Type 2.5.1

Movable Type 2.5.1 landed. There are two features which landed as part of 2.5 and 2.5.1 that have me noodling site redesigns in the back of my head. First, they’ve integrated search into the core application – in the past, this was done with the, admittedly pretty cool, Atomz service.

The other feature is the introduction of the MTElse template tag. Folks, that means conditional processing which opens all sorts of opportunities up to we structured thinking types.

Site redesign is probably a post-Xmas type activity. Simply no time before then.

4 Responses

  1. Atomz is pretty cool but after using Google one gets lazy and thinks all search engines will be as smart and Atomz just isn’t cutting it nowadays even though it is free.

  2. Majestic aka lmcanterojr 21 years ago

    I made the upgrade to Movable Type 2.5 when it released in early October. (BTW, that is when “mt-search” was added, not with 2.5.1.) I continue to be amazed at the MT team’s accomplishments.

    I create and manage blogsites for a few clients. (It has been one hell of a learning experience. It has also made me rethink how I design webpages, and the integration of CSS.) Not long after the 2.5 upgrade, I built this for one of my clients:

    Rands, do you have any opinion on the following?

  3. rands 21 years ago

    I’ve never used SharePoint either professional or personally, but from a first pass, high level perspective, it doesn’t represent much in terms of a threat to weblogs… The tool has a complete dependence on Microsoft tools like SQL Server, ActiveX, Front Page, whathaveyou… many of those have implied platform costs.

    Regarding MT — do you realize that, pre-2.5, the program was written by ONE GUY (Ben Trott) in Perl? Zounds.

  4. lowmagnet 21 years ago